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Our Catering


“El Jackos Tacos” loves to show off.


If you would like to see us at a street party, festival, corporate event, wedding or other place in the Var, let us know ...


Or, if you just want to tell us that eating our tacos was like savoring part of a trip to Mexico ... and the thought of eating another makes you salivate uncontrollably ... then contact us or share us on social media!

If you would like to hire "El Jackos Tacos" for your private event, please call or email us for a quote ... however please note that we only drive approximately 60 kms max for events.


Taco Party Platters

Fancy a party? We deliver Tacos, provide a Taco buffet or any other Mexican specialties in the near region, for a minimum order.


Olé !


For large events we can set up a Tex-Mex Barbeque alongside the Taco Truck.

On Site Catering

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