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About Us

Welcome to El Jacko’s Tacos - a Vintage 1974 Estafette turned Taco Truck serving the heart of the Var in Provence.

Opening April 2021 in Salernes and surroundings.

As a pirate career was hard to find, young El Jacko traveled through South America, Mexico, sailed the Caribbean and drove a vintage 2CV through Europe ...

El Jacko then pursued a less risky career (although ...), in management of luxury hotels in the Bahamas, Bora Bora, United States, Caribbean, Belize ... for more than 30 years ... but he was always nostalgic for those years of globetrotting ...

Hence the birth of El Jacko's Tacos, mixing the love of the open road and vintage motorhomes, with the exotic flavors of travel ...


La Esposa d'El Jacko is an American "gringa", a Chef who has also exercised her talents in different corners of the globe ... Her favorite dishes are tacos, guacamole, margaritas and nachos. But not always in that order!

From this shared madness was born our desire to share a little of Mexico in Provence ...

El Jacko's Tacos principle is to support local farms and local eco-responsible projects such as :

The Gardens of Barbebelle- Villecroze
Organic products and eggs

Lou Figoun - Salernes
Conservation of local fig species

La Reina de Tortillas
Old method of 100% corn tortillas - no additives

Los Pistoleros - Le Cannet
Artisan popsicle made in PACA

Organic brand soda / lemonade

And others ...

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